RAM Fork Stem Motorcycle Base with Finger Grip Holder for Cell Phone, Radio, GPS

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Manufacturer Part Number: RAM-B-176-UN4U






  • Fork stem motorcycle base
  • Double socket arm - Overall Length: 3.69":  Socket-To-Socket Length: 3"
  • RAM Finger Grip Holder -* (see below for holder details)
  • Diamond base adapter with1" ball - Connects the cradle to the mount
  • RAM socket system with dual adjustment points perfect viewing angles
  • Constructed of powder coated marine grade aluminum and high strength composite
  • Genuine RAM Mount: Part # RAM-B-176-UN4U
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA   


The fork stem base is one of the cleanest ways to mount small electronics on your motorcycle**. Simply slide the assembly into the hole of the stem and tighten the machine screw to create a tight fit.
This part is designed to fit into the cylindrical bore wall of fork stems and will work with stems that measure from 12 -20mm and 28mm or .5” – 1.10” at the following intervals:


Metric    Standard

12mm      .5"
14mm      .55"
16mm      .63"
18mm      .71"
20mm      .79"
28mm      1.10

** Certain motorcycles may require adding electrical tape to the area of the plug that is the largest diameter until it fits snugly in the stem.

* The RAM Universal Finger Grip Holder is designed to hold a variety of cell phones and electronic devices.

      Holder Features:


  • Includes 3 sets of four flexible rubber coated fingers placed along sides to grip your device
  • Back plate for added device support
  • Spine plate contains the universal AMPs and 1.5" x 2" hole patterns
  • Constructed of high strength composite
  • Can be used with wide variety phone accessories including large cases such as OtterBox


Works with the following devices:


  • Cell Phones (check measurements below for dimensions)
  • 2-Way Radios
  • GPS Devices
  • Perfect rugged solution for the Blackberry, HTC Evo, Droid X, iPhone, and More


Height Dimensions:


  • Minimum with Top and Bottom Plates: 5.25"
  • Maximum with Top and Bottom Plates: 6.0"
  • The top and bottom plates can be removed for larger devices.


Spine Plate Dimensions:


  • 3" Width x 3" Height


Using Short Arm Side Clamps:


  • Maximum Depth: 0.75"
  • Minimum Width: 1.25"
  • Maximum Width: 3.0"


Using Medium Arm Side Clamps:


  • Maximum Depth: 1.25"
  • Minimum Width: 1.5"
  • Maximum Width: 3.5"


Using Long Arm Side Clamps:


  • Maximum Depth: 1.6"
  • Minimum Width: 2.25"
  • Maximum Width: 3.5"

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