RAM Vertical Mount with 12" Swing Arms and Swivel Socket

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Manufacturer Part Number: RAM-109VS-5NBU




  • Vertical base mounts to flat vertical surface*: Cut-out on base allows for mounting to a vertical rail/post*
  • Two - 6" swing arms - One connected to the vertical base and the other connect to the other swing arm
  • At the end of the second arm is an open socket arm that fits any RAM 1.5" ball
  • Each arm has and its own adjustment knob allowing each arm to be moved independently and can rotate 360 degree. Once tightened the arms are secured in place
  • Arms together extend 12" away from the vertical base if fully straight
  • Constructed of powder coated marine grade aluminum
  • Holds up to 4 lbs.
  • Made in the USA


Brand: RAM Mounts
Part number: RAM-109VS-5NBU
Warranty: Manufacturer's lifetime warranty

* Mounting hardware not included.


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