Havis Universal Rugged Cradle for 9"-11" Computing Devices, with Added Depth

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Manufacturer Part Number: UT-2003

Estimated Ship Date: 4 - 8 weeks. Contact us for precise availability.



  • Upgraded next generation universal cradle, re-designed with customer feedback incorporated
  • Lighter yet still ultra-rugged, weighing only 2.38 lbs allowing more mounting options
  • High value non-electronic computing solution, customizable to fit your mobile office requirements
  • UT-2003 ships as UT-2002 + UT-2003-KIT (tall lugs) + easy lug kit install instructions
  • Longer life span with high performance injection molded materials enabling future re-deployments
  • Extra durable powder coat painted top plate, creating a hard finish tougher than conventional paint
  • Ultra-thin and low profile maximizes space and visibility in your mobile office
  • Increased vertical and horizontal adjustability allows a broader range of compatible computing devices
  • Smooth glide functionality for easier stationing and removing of computing device for ultimate portability
  • Designed with round corners to add safety and minimize risk in potential accidents & airbag deployment.
  • Sliding hold down lugs allow for flexibility and access to computing device ports and inputs
  • Unique strain relief holes provide organized cabling and secure connectivity of peripherals
  • Enhanced security and safety with built in locking mechanism for peace of mind against theft and uncradling
  • Advanced reliability, proven through product testing and long term customer use cases
  • Made in the USA


  • Testing & certifications: RoHS, crash tested up to 30 mph
  • 2.38 lbs. (1.08 kg)
  • Mounting: VESA 75 hole pattern for standardized mounting and easier installation
  • Product dimensions: width: width: 10.41" (26.44cm), height: 8.39" (21.31cm), depth: 2.31" (5.43cm)


Compatible Computer Sizes:*
Width:  9.30" (23.622cm) to 11.24" (28.54cm)
Height:  6.830" (17.34cm) to 8.13" (20.65cm)
Depth:  0.76" (1.93cm) to 1.145" (2.90cm)

* A case adds to the overall size so if using one measure your deice with the case on it.

Brand: Havis
Part number: UT-2003
Warranty: Manufacturer's 3-Year warranty

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